• How Add Warmth Into The Monochrome Trend This Winter

    Posted: Jul 07 2015

    This winter, you can expect your favorite color combination to come back into play as the monochrome steals the runways and our fashionable heart strings once again.  The black and white style was originally a fashion hit in the 60's but it's definitely reintroduced itself as one of the most influential fashion trends today. The monochrome fashion statement is one of the easiest ways to pull off a flawless ensemble that is both flattering, feminine and edgy. With these must have winter monochrome items, you can quickly take your simple outfit and turn it into a chic masterpiece, or take your wardrobe from day to night in a matter of seconds.    Be Daring in Dots Just like the 60's era in which the monochrome trend initially made it's debut, big, daring dots are also back to make a statement. Incorporate some dotted patterns into your wardrobe and let the geometrics elegantly contrast black...
  • Why Everyone's Obsessing Over Eco Friendly Wood Pallet Furniture

    Posted: Jun 22 2015

     If you've been hoarding a stash of old wood pallets in your backyard or garage, you'll be very pleased to know that you can incorporate all of those into stunning pieces of furniture perfect for the indoors and outdoors! Hey! We knew there was a reason you were collecting them, right? Now it's time to put them to excellent use. With houses becoming much more contemporary and modern in design, the trend of adding eco friendly pallet furniture pieces such as tables, beds and so much more are instantly putting fresh, earthy tones into the four walls that make your house a home. While these home decor items are highly recognized for their impeccably flawless and chic style that is innovative and extraordinaire and also adds astonishing character into the interior of your home, there are also many more benefits that come along with these elaborate furniture pieces. Here are some...
  • Heat Up The Season With These Must Have Winter Fashion Trends

    Posted: Jun 12 2015

    If there's one way to turn up the heat, it's to look hot as ever with the latest winter fashion trends that have been sprouting up across good ole' Australia. As the days get chillier, we need a little bit extra to pick our spirits back up and rocking a stylish outfit can really be all you need to put that spark back into your step. So, get ready to go shopping, ladies because these must have fashion trends for this winter can easily transform your current wardrobe into a wintery masterpiece that is fashion forward and full of warming style. Channeling The 70s Don't worry. We aren't going back to the tie-dye trends or psychedelic style inspirations from this era, but the winter fashion trends have definitely taken a couple fashion pieces from the 70s. Repeatedly this season, designers strutted out colour palettes, silhouettes and prints from this older...

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