Valentines Day with beautiful Belle Lucia

If there’s one girl who knows about LOVE it’s our one and only bombshell, Belle Lucia! Admired for her personality and mesmerising eye,
this Aussie babe knows all there is to know for Valentines Day! And since we’re all still preparing for V day shenanigans, we thought we
should take notes from this mega insta babe just in time for Thursday’s romancing!
(Get our your pens and note pads ladies this one is worth taking notes! x)
What’s the ultimate Valentines Day date?
B: going out to a really nice restaurant enjoying really yummy food and getting ice cream after, going for a walk on the beach and watching a movie
Are you more of a lingerie or pj type of girl?
B: I really love lingerie, but I also love to be comfortable. So I don’t know- it depends what type of mood I’m in.
What is your signature fragrance?
B: It’s really random, I use a kids perfume from France, and I really hate perfume so it’s the only perfume I like. It’s sickly sweet.
What would be your dream Valentines Day gift?
B: I think the perfect gift is definitely a card. I’m such a card kind of girl, I love writing!
Will you be spending this year with someone special?
B: Unfortunately not. I do have someone special but he doesn’t live in the same country as me.
Red or white for Valentines Day?
B: Definitely red! I love wearing red.
What are your top tips to having a healthy relationship?
B: Don’t settle until you’ve found your prince charming. When you know, you know! Always trust yourself, if something isn’t right in a relationship don’t go along with it. Trust your instincts. Having strong communication is also so important!
What’s your go-to Valentines Day movie?
B: Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You. I love him, it’s such a classic!
February 13, 2019 — Graphic Designer

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