It’s finally here, it’s Prom time! It’s that time of the year where every girl is frantically trying to find the perfect dress. We know finding the right prom dress is so hard… What style, colour, length? Sequins or no sequins? There’s so many options! Then you’ve got to find the right makeup and accessories to match. The options are overwhelming, but we’re here to help! 

Here at Xenia we’ve got a range of Prom dresses for you to choose from, we’ll make sure you get the right fit. 

To Glam or Not to Glam?

Let’s start off by figuring out if you want to go full glam, sequins and all, or if you prefer a more understated and effortless look. We know every girl wants to look completely unique on their prom day and one way to do that is by standing out with a bold dress. Below are our favourite statement dresses that are definitely going to make you stand out in a crowd!

Luxe Glitter Maxi Dress  Luxe Glitter Maxi Dress 
Candice Maxi Dress  Candice Maxi Dress (Blush) 


If you’re not a sequin girl, don’t fear we have the perfect dress for you! Our Girl on Fire Maxi Dress is perfectly understated. Effortless and sexy… what more could you want? This dress will turn heads and with so many different colours it’s hard to go wrong!

Girl On Fire Maxi Dress Mocha  Girl On Fire Maxi Dress 
Girl On Fire Maxi Dress  Girl On Fire Maxi Dress (Ruby) 

Putting It All Together

After finding your perfect prom dress, all you have left is choosing what hair & makeup you want to compliment the look.. not too hard right? If you're lost for ideas, here are some of our favourite looks that perfectly compliment these dresses. 

Low bun or sexy waves... which one do you prefer? 

Sleek Hair Low Bun  Hollywood Waves 

Golden goddess or a statement lip?

Golden makeup  

Hopefully you're feeling a little more inspired to find your favourite prom dress.

Check out our full range of Prom Dresses here! 


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