If you're like most people out there (including myself oops) you may have over-indulged a little over the Easter Weekend. 

I mean, chocolate is literally the shit and what girl could live without it? 

But we all have to know our limits, and now that Easter is over - it's time to get back onboard with routine. 

So, here are our 4 tips on how to detox after your Easter binge! 


Water is the key to any detox! Make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres a day to flush out all the toxins from the high sugar and saturation fat intake from all that naughty goodness girl. 

It will also help your liver to clean itself from those boozy nights. ;) 

Tip: Add lemon or lime to your water to give it flavour. 


What a better way to rid yourself of those nasty toxins than burning some calories! 

Don't worry girl, it doesn't have to be too full on - but just make sure you're at least cracking some sort of a sweat. 

As little as ten minutes in the morning, and ten in the afternoon, will help you to remain focused, and fight against those post-Easter cravings. 

Tip: Try  Yoga! It is great for both mind and body.


Omg! If there is one thing I live by for a cleansing - it has got to be turmeric. This Indian spice is filled with strong antioxidants that help cleanse your system from harmful toxins. 

If you spent a few too many nights out over Easter - turmeric will also assist in boosting your immune system and decrease your chances of catching a cold. 

Tip: Have it as a tea with a drizzle of honey! 


After a weekend of indulging there is no doubt, your skin is going to be in need of a little TLC. 

Acai berries are one of the best sources of vitamin C! After snacking on these for a few days, your skin is sure to be feeling good. 

The rich source of antioxidant will also protect your liver cells from those bing-drinking nights with the girls. 

Tip: Blend a handful of berries with a frozen banana, for a tasty treat! 


We hope this assists all you girls in over-coming that Easter Binge! 

Much Love, 
Xenia Team xx
April 04, 2018 — Market Place Xenia

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