XENIA's Festival Bucket List

XENIA's Festival Bucket List

For any of you reading this right now that haven't experienced a Music Festival... You are MISSING out! 

Music Festivals are literally one of the most magical things in the world -  Great music, trendy fashion, drool worthy food, and good vibes... What more could you want? 

The Festival Scene seems to be getting bigger and better every year, and let us tell you now that it is never to early to start saving/planning for them - Cause girl they're costly.

So, the XENIA Team have hand picked our top bucket list music festivals to give you that kick start! 


Tomorrowland is one of the world's biggest and most notable music festivals! The event stretches over two weekends, and usually sells out within minutes.

It is well-known for its amazing electronic dance line-up, mind blowing sets, over the top magical scenery which will send you into the future, the incredible firework and laser light shows, and for being

The wristbands you receive as your tickets, become your electronic wallet for the entirety of the event.
Tomorrowland is more than just a music festival - It is an adult playground with an entire theatrical production, which let me tell you has a new theme each and every year.

Fast forward yourself into the future with Tomorrowland by getting your tickets HERE.

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2. The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festivals (California, USA)

Coachella is a 3-day long music festival (Friday-Sunday) held in Indio, California made to fill people looking at Instagram over the April Weekends with envy.

That's not entirely true, but it is what the star-studded Music Festival succeeds in doing lol. On the positive side, each year, we see the likes of Kendall, Kylie, Vanessa Hudgens, and various VS models pictured at the event - giving us all major styling inspo for the upcoming festivals.

From vegan doughnuts, cold pressed cocktails, designer fashion stands, VIP Sections at each stage, prime selfie-taking spots - It's easy to see why our fave celebs would love Coachella.

The festival features an array of music genres from electronic dance to indie, and has is laid out over seven individual stages all with large-scale art installations which add to the cultural vibe which is Coachella.

Unfortunately for 2018 this will be just a dream as tickets sold out within 3 hours (Bey is performing so this was a given)... That's okay tho! Least now you can start saving that $400 or $899 for VIP in 2019. ;)

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You're looking at the largest greenfield music festival in the world! It takes place on 900 beautiful acres in the Vale of Avalon, an area which is meant to be where King Arthur was married (you know that movie with hottie Charlie Hunnan in it... lol). 

Anyways, we especially love Glastonbury for it's amazing range of music genres! From indie rock, pop, hip hop - You name it!

To be honest, it's one of those festivals that you're best not going to with a set in stone day-to-day schedule. Just start off easy by choosing 1-2 bands a day you especially want to see, then let your day revolve around them and go with the flow. 

Unfortunately, Glastonbury is doing a BRB in 2018 - However, will definitely be returning in 2019 bigger and better than ever, so get ready gals! 

You can read more information on Glastonbury Music Fest HERE



Once the Summer Festivals are done & dusted and Winter has hit, boys and girls all around AUS pick up their dancing shoes in hope to beat the cold and head to Splendour!
This festival is without a doubt Australia's biggest and most anticipated annual music festival. Held in the Boho heart of Aus, Byron Bay, this event offers good vibes, fab fashion, and lit music.
Not gonna lie, we may be a little bias towards this one but Splendour In the Grass is seriously the greatest 4 days of your life. 

So come on babe, start gathering your bestest gals pals, some killer festival get-up, and a few bottles of vodka - Because Splendour is only 6 months away, and tickets are gonna be HOT HOT HOT. 

Get the Low Down on Splendour HERE

We hope this got you psyched for all the amazing festivals this year! 


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