If you're not an Aussie than you're probably thinking, why the heck do these people have a whole day named after their Country?

Well - from the sunshine, endless tourist locations, hilarious Aussie slang/accents, adorable wild life, and not to forget we ARE the home of the Hemsworth men... Why wouldn't there be a day to celebrate how awesome Australia is  💁  💁

Whatever you're opinion is on Australia Day, everybody has got to agree at the very least they love the day off work.
This year, the date falls on a Friday, so the XENIA team will definitely be taking advantage of the long weekend filled with endless Aussie sunshine! 

As a woman, I know that no matter what you've got planned for the holiday - you're gonna be in need of the perfect outfit that'll keep you going from start to finish - So, keep scrolling to see our 5 outfit ideas for an assortment of Aus Day festivities. 

triple j.jpg

1. Triple J Hottest 100 House Party

For all our International babes who don't know what this is - The Triple J Hottest 100 is an annual music listener poll hosted by a national Australian radio station, Triple J. The public is invited to vote for their top 10 favourite songs of the year, in an online poll conducted two weeks prior to the new year.


This look is for our girls who are always keeping up with the latest trends!

You love the Triple J Hottest 100, and are in desperate need for an outfit which will last you from #100 right down to the anticipated number #1 banger. 

You'll Need: 

1. A Trendy Playsuit fit for activities 
2. Portable radio in order to listen to the countdown... DUH
3.  Sunglasses 

2. Poolside BBQ

There's nothing better than spending AUS Day poolside with your closest pals! Whether you're playing pool games, having a BBQ, or chilling to the side sipping on a cool bevvy (beverage), we've got you covered.

We know your day will be filled with endless fun in the sun - so there's going to be no time for attention to detailing gal. We recommend saying no to over the top styling, and opting for simplicity!

You'll Need: 

3. Sunset Drinks & Fireworks 

This one goes out to all our gals who like to party! You know the drill. It's time to grab your best pals and head out to your fave beachside bar. 

We think this is a great opportunity to look sexy on Aus Day! You can transform any beach day outfit into night, just by adding a few killer accessories and heels - I mean, you never know who you're going to see when those celebratory fireworks light up the night sky.

boat party.jpg

4. Boat Party Babe

If you're the kinda gal who loves lounging around in the sun, but is also all about the finer things in life - then we've got just the combo for you! 
We hope this helped all our Aussie Babes with your AUS Day Styling!
Have an amazing long weekend xx


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