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Heat Up The Season With These Must Have Winter Fashion Trends

Account Venushi

Posted on June 12 2015

If there's one way to turn up the heat, it's to look hot as ever with the latest winter fashion trends that have been sprouting up across good ole' Australia. As the days get chillier, we need a little bit extra to pick our spirits back up and rocking a stylish outfit can really be all you need to put that spark back into your step. So, get ready to go shopping, ladies because these must have fashion trends for this winter can easily transform your current wardrobe into a wintery masterpiece that is fashion forward and full of warming style.

Channeling The 70s

Don't worry. We aren't going back to the tie-dye trends or psychedelic style inspirations from this era, but the winter fashion trends have definitely taken a couple fashion pieces from the 70s. Repeatedly this season, designers strutted out colour palettes, silhouettes and prints from this older era down the runway. Everything from flared jeans and sleeves to fringe elements, bow blouses and suede were favoured, and an abundance of burgundy and mustard tones were the hit hues. Now, these examples of 70s inspirations may not be for everyone and if you're looking to indulge in this trend moderately, sport some retro sunglass shapes with your modern day wardrobe. You're certainly to fall in love with the rest. 

Mixing and Matching

Taking full advantage of separate pieces of style is ideal for this season, and fortunately, it's so easy to create a flawless and effortless look. You just need to layer and rework some of your classic pieces within your wardrobe with some new and trending items. Start by selecting one of your best modern statement fashion items within your closet and rework in a timeless piece and add in some wild and untamed elements with something like animal prints. It gets some new, old and amazing into one look, and the vintage/timeless pieces tone out the vibrancy of the fashion forward elements while allowing your statement piece to remain center stage. The best thing about this winter fashion trend is that it's extremely versatile and all timeless items can be incorporated into a wide range of outfits and appeals.

A Knack for Knits

With the chillier days amongst us, knitted items start living the shelves of your favourite fashion stores. Big, bulky knits are warm and comforting, and you can add some shape into your style by incorporating thin leggings or skinny jeans and booties. Round neck knits seem to be the must have item in this category which is a bit more freeing around the neck area, allowing you to wear some of your best accessories without worrying about them getting lost in the bulk. They also tend to be a tad more fitted which can be emphasized with a skinny belt as well. Don't forget about big knit sweater dresses and other items that can complete your winter wardrobe instantly.

A Sports Report

With a healthy lifestyle quickly becoming the trend of living for most people, it would make sense that the fashion industry also jumped on this optimal way of living. Hey! If you feel great, you look great and your style can enhance both of those! Many fashion trends have taken on an athletic appeal, whether it's fancy track pants that put those grey old pairs to shame, and that are also acceptable to wear outside of your home, or slimming tees and tank style dresses or elegantly designed rompers that can flawlessly be paired with a cardigan or jacket and a pair of booties to keep you warm this season.


Structured Handbags

Another prominent trend within this season is a firm, structured form that can be seen throughout clothing but especially within the handbag styles. Those oversized slouch styles are going to have to wait for another season, because this winter, structured handbags that emphasize fine lines and simple style are a must. You can show off your individual style by shopping for handbags that have detailed hardware or designs that fit your individual fashion sense.

This season fashion trends are truly an art form as there are so many different inspirations and elements that complete each individual look. Take a look at Xenia and find the next additions being added into your wardrobe.

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