3 Telltale Signs He Likes You

3 Telltale Signs He Likes You

Have you ever been too scared to make the first move out of the risk of embarrassment? Just because he hasn't said it out loud, doesn't mean that he isn't crazy about you! So here we are to give you the low down on our three telltale signs he likes you...
1. Body Language

A guy might come across all cool and collective, but his body language can tell you a lot about how he really feels.
When he first sees you does he smooth his hair, fix his shirt, or straighten his tie? This is a pretty dead on sign that he's thinking about his appearance - and wants to look good when you're near him!
Eye Contact! Eye Contact! Eye Contact! He will try to be sly and sneak a glance at you when he thinks you're not watching - so if you catch him quickly looking away when you glance over at him, that's a good sign! Although, more confident men will hold eye contact if they're interested.
If he digs you, you'll always be the one he is looking to after making a joke or doing something funny - he will look to see your reaction right away.
Another strong way to tell is if he finds ways to 'accidentally' touch you... It could be brushing against your arm, a harmless high five that lingers a little longer than it usually would, or intentional touching - like putting his hand on your shoulder when he's telling a story.
Now girls, if he's avoiding eye contact, positioning his body away from you, and not making conversation... He's just not feeling it!

2. Complimenting Your Appearance

 Keep in mind ladies, men are visual creatures, much more so than women. The first thing that will attract a guy is a woman's appearance, whereas women are more interested in something about the guy.

If a guy is into you, he'll pay close attention to your appearance and won't be shy about letting you know it! Compliments are his way of wanting to make you feel good.

The only warning is if the guy is already a close friend of yours... In that case, he might just be complimenting you to be nice and doesn't think anything of it!

3. Watch His Friends Behaviour

Guys talk... At times more than us gals! So if he's interested in you, his friends most likely already know or have picked up on it. Look at their reactions to your presence. Do they smirk at him when you walk into the room - like they know something you don't?

If they know he's interested, they might tease him subtly when you're around, or even pull you aside to find out what your thoughts are.

One thing to avoid here - If one of his friends tells you he likes you when you haven't picked up on any of the other signs from him. His friend might just be looking for some amusement!

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Good Luck Lovelies!


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